triforce06 said: Kettama! - Shuukyuu Raiotto Girls this is the sports manga you are looking for. Sadly there are only three chapters.


oh my god it exists

i found out it actually has 8 chapters THANK YOU

link here for anyone interested (who wouldn’t be interested in yuri sports)



I think this video might interest you guys.

4 days ago, Olivia Olson confirmed that Marceline and Bonnibel have dated before. The reason it has been confirmed is because the new Adventure Time book coming out soon may have details on their relationship, and their relationship obviously can’t be aired on TV because some states of America (and countries in the world) are against same-sex marriage and relationships. 

But yeah, they have indeed dated before.

Can we also talk about official Bubbline art drawn by Natasha Allgeri, former character designer and story board artist for Adventure Time, and now Showrunner of Bee and Puppy Cat!?

*internal screaming*

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Tendenze Boyish ELLE Italia September 2014

Model Benthe De Vries Photographer Michael Sanders Stylist Micaela Sessa Hair Nicholas James Makeup Jo Frost


Benthe De Vries in “Tendenze Boyish” by Michael Sanders for ELLE Italia, September 2014


Benthe De Vries in “Tendenze Boyish” by Michael Sanders for ELLE Italia, September 2014


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Graham Nardone (Sims 4 Producer): But the…


This HR dept doesn’t negotiate with Terrorists.

Finish reading This Is The Most Passive-Agressive Office Note Battle We’ve Ever Seen

It gets better; click the link XD

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Short Film

It’s so crazy what music can do. In this german short film two unlikely kindred spirits share an unlikely moment of intimacy with a violin. I really like this short film. It’s so adorable.


This brings so many Trowa/Quatre moments to mind. Plus the fact I love violin means I love this anyway…

Original Works: Future Island Of Hope

I was going to add more to my ‘ten years on’ type piece, but actually, it became some depressing piece about how every step towards the future seems to be a step towards … something less happy, despite the joy I have for the changes that are going on. I don’t know. I’ll put it under a cut, I think.

Future Island of Hope

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Self explanatory


Self explanatory


if you remember these sorts of images being on every website, you’ve been an internet weeaboo far too long